YouTube - MiniDisc "hack"? - Making a Charging Dock for the MZ-NE810 NetMD Recorder

I love the Sony MZ-NE810 - I have all the colors! 

It's a great, slim NetMD recorder that looks like a player. It has a USB port on it, so there's no dock required for recording... BUT gumsticks and AA sidecars don't supply enough power during recording, so it could drop out (I've had it happen).

Sony's OEM dock for it has the "La-Z-Boy" recliner look and it's great, but it's rare these days. I only have one, but I have multiple MZ-NE810s!

I took a look at the charging module and saw that it was the same in a BCA-MZE510 dock so I've "hacked" it to work with the MZ-NE810.

Check out the video for more details!