Of all the retro formats and things that are making a comeback, Minidisc is the only one I'm interested in! To me, this was the pinnacle of the pre-MP3 digital music world and I'm enjoying reliving my past while listening, recording, and showing my daughters all about the format.

Additionally, since I "lost" (donated?) my actual MD gear (but kept my discs!), I've been finding/buying players and recorders from Japan (where MD was HUGE) in various states. Some are pure junk which will be scavenged to fix other ones, and some are in excellent condition. As I build up a surplus, I may sell some - not to make a profit necessarily, but to help others interested and cover the cost of my addiction =).

I've written the following and I'll try to create some videos O_O to see if people might like to learn how I'm fixing up some of the players I'm finding.

Minidisc - Rekindling Fondness for an Old Format

Buyee - Get Minidiscs and Players (and more!) Directly from Japan