YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sony MZ-E900 Fixing Noisy Sled Motor and Read Issues

The Sony MZ-E900 (late 2001) was one of the world's first portable MDLP-capable players. Many collectors still love this model because of its brushed metal finish and small (but powerful) size.

To me, it really seems like a later-generation MiniDisc player and I understand the appeal. I've never had one until recently, and the one that I got wasn't working! 

This one was super-noisy as the sled was seeking around, and apparently the laser never could read a disc. Sometimes I got "No Disc" and sometimes it would just spin forever, never loading the TOC.

I decided to get inside, clean/lube it and also lube that sled motor to see if it would help.

Please check out the video on YouTube for the detailed fix!