YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sharp MD-SS503 Yet Another Broken Sharp Gear...


The Sharp MD-SS503 (2003) is very similar to the colorful MD-DS5 series which also had backlit remotes that were color-coordinated with the players. These Auvi-branded players came in different colors than the MD-DS5. This deep blue was just one example, but another model is a fiery red!

I bought this model as a complete "unconfirmed" set that came with the dock and matching remote for under 3000 yen! 

As soon as I fired it up, I could tell what was wrong... watch the video and listen to the horrific sound, but it was evident that it was a gear issue. Luckily I had a spare and was able to replace it!

Please watch the video for the exact steps!

Now that I also have another "bad" gear and gearshaft in hand, I may try the "Loctite trick" that a viewer on YouTube mentioned! I'll keep you posted once I try it!

Thanks for reading and watching!