YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - 1 Yen Challenge - 2 Broken Players?


As a fellow MiniDisc lover, it's perfectly normal to idly browse Buyee auctions before bed and throw random bids out there, right?

In this case, I just couldn't pass this one up! Sure, both of them were listed as not working (the Kenwood DMC-T55 supposedly powered on, but not for more than a second, while the Sharp MD-DR7 was dead), but when has that stopped me?  The Sharp MD-DR7 was in pretty good shape and as a Sharp-lover, you can never have enough spare parts... Based on some of the other videos/posts, we know the Kenwoods can have an issue right at the battery door due to their design, so I figured I'd "roll the dice" on these.

Sure, there are some Buyee fees and the shipping costs to me, but let's not spoil the fun! I did win the auction for less than one United States penny!

As usual, I started by checking power on each device via battery and/or AC.

After that, it was time to open things up and check them out. Watch the video to see if one of them (or both?) made it out alive...