YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sharp MD-DR77 Eject Slider Mechanism

One of my favorites from Sharp (along w/my good 'ol MD-DR7), I couldn't pass up a deal on a slightly worn MD-DR77. Yes, I have some in good condition, but who can pass up a sale?

Well, it had the wrong remote, but I had some spares.

Testing showed that it worked only via the AA sidecar, not with an internal gumstick battery. Also, the eject slider wasn't returning back to the original position... You had to slide it back manually.

Luckily, playback and recording were working fine, so I took it apart to fix that eject slider. Luckily, my parts graveyard had a similar mechanism with a usable spring.

Check out the video for more details, but a brief summary follows:

  • Remove the battery door
  • remove the bottom case screws
  • pry open from the top
  • remove the top lid (be careful of the flex cable routing to the back)
  • undo the flex cable and put the top lid aside
  • unscrew the trim screw at the top and gently unclip the trim starting from the power jack
  • in my case, one of the eject slider springs broke completely
  • using a spare spring, I replaced the original spring - hooking it onto one side, then the other
  • while I was in there, I cleaned and lubed the device
  • reassembly was the reverse of the above process