YouTube - MiniDisc - Giveaway Rules and Guidelines - Official Rules

The MiniDisc Giveaway format:
  1. I will post a specific MiniDisc Giveaway video on YouTube
  2. In the YouTube video, the video's description, Instagram, and this blog, you'll see a link or an embedded Rafflecopter entry form. I will be using that to collect and choose a winner.
  3. At the [end of auction]* I will screenshot/record all comments and put all usernames into a list
  4. ChatGPT/Google Bard/CommentPicker/Rafflecopter or some other tool will randomly choose a winner from the list
  5. I will contact the winner by emailing them based on the entry info (so check your notifications!) and we'll verify you and your shipping information
    1. If I can't communicate with the chosen winner within 72 hours, I will choose another one randomly
    2. repeat previous step if needed
  6. I will ship out the package to the winner
  7. Winner is in charge of any local customs or duties
* [end of auction] will be stated in the YouTube video and will be listed in US Pacific time, currently GMT -8

I need to create this as a reference for my video which will describe the giveaway.  I want this to be as simple as possible, but I need to make sure I'm complying with all local and international rules!

  • This giveway is just for me to share my love for MiniDiscs with other MiniDisc-loving people!
  • This giveaway is not associated/affiliated with Google nor YouTube. I, the owner of this site and YouTube channel, want to spread the love of MiniDiscs. =)
  • This is a FREE giveaway that will run for a set amount of time (start and end date will be in the video and in the video's description). 
  • When the giveaway ends, I will randomly (using an app or ChatGPT/Bard) choose one of the commenters on that specific giveaway video.
  • I will then attempt to contact that commenter to obtain shipping information and send the MiniDisc device as a "gift". See Privacy Notice below
  • International winners outside of the USA will have to take care of any customs or duties, if needed.
  • These devices are about 20 years old and no warranty is given, nor implied. They will be tested and working before shipping, but unfortunately, I can't be responsible after it ships.
  • I must adhere to YouTube community guidelines and any comments that don't comply will not be accepted as entries

Reference YouTube's policies here:

Privacy Notice

  • Any personal information collected for the giveaway will not be used or displayed on blog posts nor videos.
  • I can (and would like to) announce your first name and Country of residence, if acceptable. I will ask the winner when chosen.
  • Any information collected for the giveaway will not be stored by me (shipping address, real name, etc.) after shipping. 
  • If I use an application or tool (Rafflecopter, for example), their privacy policy can be found on their website