YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sony MZ-R700 lid swap to get a working display

OK so this one won't be nearly as tricky as replacing that "write head lowering gear" from the other MZ-R700, but you play the cards you're dealt!

In this case, I received a working MZ-R700 with a broken display and a non-working MZ-R700 with a good display. Time to swap lids! 

Since these devices are old with no new replacement parts, salvaging working parts is a valid repair option!

Check out the video for details, but it basically boiled down to:

  • Removing the rear casing
  • Disconnecting the flex cable that leads to the front lid and display components
  • Removing the front lid
  • Put the new lid in place and connect the flex cable
  • Replace the rear casing
  • You should now have a fully-functional unit!