YouTube MiniDisc Repair - Sharp MD-ST600 - Shell Swap - put your working mechanism into a nicer case


Sometimes, in this world of limited MiniDisc devices, you end up with a working player but it might be in rough condition externally. If you end up finding a nice case of the same model, you can do a "shell swap"!

It's one of the easiest "repairs" since you're just disassembling both units and transplanting the working mechanism (from the "bad" case) into the "good" case.

Some MiniDisc devices can certainly be non-trivial to disassemble, but since we're not digging into the electronic components, the hardest tasks will be keeping track of screws and the "order of operations" required to get in and get out properly.

Luckily the Sharp MD-ST600 is fairly easy to get into so this was a straightforward swap.

I've posted the video, but I'll come back and populate this article with some step-by-step notes and screenshots from the video.