YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sharp MD-MT770 Portable Recorder

Browsing around on Buyee, I stumbled upon this Sharp MD-MT770 in Pink that looked like it was in good shape, though the listing said there were some errors during playback. I figured that at least it was working, and perhaps a quick clean and lube would fix it up!

The MD-MT770 is very similar to the Sharp MD-DR7 which I'm very familiar with, so it was easy to open it up and work on it and get it working properly!

Not everything will be easy, but while you're shopping around on Buyee, look out for units like these that power on and maybe just need a bit of TLC.

Check out the video for more details:

  • I opened it up, cleaned some corrosion near the battery terminals and inside the MD area
  • Cleaned the latch/spring area since it was sticking near the end (though it worked)
  • Cleaned the laser lens
  • Cleaned the sled rail and the exposed parts of the gear shaft
  • Added a thin coating of white lithium grease to the sled rail and exposed parts of the gear shaft
  • Reassembled and tested for 90 minutes