LG - StanbyME - An interesting "lifestyle" TV for certain homes...

LG StanbyME Rollable Smart Touch Screen with 3hr Battery (27ART10AKPL) - I received this from Best Buy's Tech Insider network to review

This is almost like answering a question that no one asked. Are people really clamoring for a smallish TV that has a battery and a weighted stand that can be wheeled around (and rotated) so they can watch in every room?

I was skeptical, too - but depending on your home's layout and your use-cases, it could be a pretty unique solution.


This is a big, heavy box for a 27" screen, but there's a large, weighty base (with a battery) and a pole to elevate the display with an articulating mount that lets you flip it to portrait if you so desire (we didn't).

It's a simple process requiring a Phillips screwdriver, but two people make it even easier when you need to "hang" the display on the stand, screw in the cable retainer, and snap in the cable cover. 

Overall, it's easy and shouldn't take you more than 5-15 minutes.


There's nothing to fault here. It's a nice white, soft, rounded-edged device with a sturdy, weighted base and a nice handle to drag it around. I'd still recommend grabbing it below the display's "arm" for better weight distribution, but I'm going to assume LG's engineers have a pretty good grasp of physics and the top handle is still a safe way to move it from room to room. The rear of the display has a nice fabric coating that's a welcome addition and lends the device a bit of warmth. I can see this device fitting into multiple styles of fairly modern decor.


Though easy, it will be annoying and tedious. Luckily you have a great responsive remote and a touchscreen so depending on how you want to login to your streaming services (Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO, AppleTV and more), it shouldn't take too long. Once you've installed and logged into ALL of your streaming services, you shouldn't have to worry about it again. 

I know LG has exited the phone business, but if you have an LG phone (still hangin' onto that LG v60 Dual Screen), it comes with LG's ThinQ app which can sync with the StanbyME display and help facilitate application upgrades, remote control, and screen sharing. If you don't already have it, you'll be prompted to download/login/create an account.

After spending 10 minutes logging into everything, it was ready to test!


The 27" display sounds small if you're used to watching 65" or more TVs, but you're probably OK with that size with your PC monitors or similar displays. In this case, since you can move it around (closer to the bed, elliptical, desk, etc.), it's actually a reasonable size.

Specs-wise, the 1080p, 60hz display doesn't sound like much in this world of OLEDs and +200hz gaming displays, but for a TV/streaming device, it works very well. I think the point of this specific display is to make it easy to watch TV where you might not normally be able to on a screen this size. For example, you can take your phone or even your 11-13" tablet around with you, but a 27" is much larger and the speaker are much better than any typical phone or tablet. 

Pick your service, start watching, and any concerns about the validity of this product really disappear. Whether you're reclining in bed, watching the big game on the balcony, or getting some WFH done while keeping up with some shows, you can do it in comfort since you can raise/lower/angle the display as required. 

The speakers are well above what I had expected from a device this size. If you're used to "built-in" audio from a similar-sized monitor or your tablet, you should be pleased by the LG StanbyME. I couldn't crank it to the max without discomfort and if you're in a relatively quiet room, you'll probably be on the lower end of the volume scale while enjoying a pretty rich sound that does justice to deeper voices. From dramatic movies, anime, rom com, or epics like The Lord of the Rings (which I've enjoyed on much larger, well-equipped home-theaters), this display/speaker experience won't leave you yearning for more.

You can connect HDMI devices (see the rubber flap on the rear of the display) or use a USB drive to play audio/video. Additionally, you can use your LG Thinq App or NFC (tap your phone behind the display - if you're facing the front of the display, reach behind to the left of it) to trigger some screen sharing options. I attempted this and got a garbled display once, then an endless "busy" looping circle. I don't know if there's any real practical case for NFC-enabled streaming since all the most popular streaming services were available (and plenty that I never heard of!).


You get an odd phone clip that attaches to the top of the display and can clamp your phone into place while streaming from it (or vertically holding your phone just over the lip of the display so you can video call while streaming your phone's screen to the display). I would firmly classify this into "answering a question that no one asked", but you do you.

To really value and appreciate this unique display, you'll need a home or use-case that supports the strengths of it. You'll want minimal carpet and a large, single-story layout (or whatever floor it's on should have plenty of flat space to roll) so you can wheel this thing around from room to room. Imagine exercising in the morning while watching the news (or workout app), then wheeling it to the bathroom while you bathe, then wheeling it over to the kitchen to check out a cooking show while cooking/eating, and finally bringing it by the couch while you're lounging or "working from home". Does this sound like something that might be appealing, or do you already have giant TVs in every one of those spaces? Does your home already have a lot of plush carpeting? If so, I'd forget about this display.


Initially, I was very skeptical that this display would be of any use and would end up parked in a single room. Turns out, it's a very flexible solution for the right home that doesn't want to invest in large TVs everywhere. The sound is great, the display is "just fine" and the ability to move it around without leaving it plugged in all the time is just short of a game-changer.

If your home is the right layout (lots of flat, uncarpeted area) and you don't want to invest in large screen TVs everywhere, this could be a solution that may be worth the asking price.

Now pardon me, whilst I watch some Netflix on the balcony...