Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) v1.0 - Day 2 - Training log

OK so Day 1 wasn't bad, and I think I'm getting used to the structure/content. Hopefully we can be more efficient with the next few since there are a total of 32 sections in this course! I know, I do have 180 days from the date of purchase, but I'd like to get this done and line up the next course before my expiration in August 2023. 

It seems like a long time, but work and "life in general" can get in the way so try not to procrastinate too much!

Section 4 - Describing Common Endpoint Attacks

This section covers the most common types of attacks on endpoints (PCs, smartphones) including: Buffer Overflow, Malware, Social Engineering, Web-based attacks, Rootkits, Privilege Escalation, etc.

4.1 - Intro - two videos, 24 minutes

4.2 - 4.5

4.6 - Social Engineering, short video, 

4.12 - Summary Challenge - 12 questions

30-60 minutes

Section 5 - Describing Network Security Technologies

If you've been keeping up with security, even from a networking perspective, much of this section will be familiar since they go over the different types of products/solutions used to secure the network from the edge, email, DNS, to devices like IDS/IPS and NGFWs.

5.1 - intro - 4 videos, 40 minutes

5.2 - 5.18

5.19 - Summary Challenge - 17 questions

90-120 minutes

The day really got away from me and that's all for Day 2... I'll try to knock out more tomorrow!