YouTube MiniDisc - Sharp MD-SS323 Cleaning and Lubing this Rare and Special Player from 1999


The Sharp MD-SS323 (1999) is a fairly rare player with some interesting features! It was a thin/light slot-loader for that time period and featured an on-body backlit display and a rotating jog dial that could select tracks (by default) or select EQ/DSP modes (after pushing the Sound button).

It's not an Auvi or 1-bit style Sharp, so it uses the "normal" TRS headphone jack and has 5mW + 5mW of power for your headphones.

I don't love the little stick remote and the jog dial is so fun to use, that this is one of the rare Sharp models where I prefer to use it without a remote.

I have 3 of these, but only one works properly. Because of that, this video is just a maintenance video - I didn't need to fix this one.

The first one I had has been cleaned and lubed and taken apart, only to find a broken gear at the end of yet another different Sharp gearshaft design. Right now, I'm stuck trying to fix that one.

The second one I had looked great but I heard something loose inside. I was hoping I could open it up and get some foreign object out. Unfortunately, one of the surface-mounted electrical components had come off the board and was floating around in there... It actually worked a bit, but it seemed the power was very unstable to the headphone output causing a lot of crackling and cutting out.

This third and final one was a lucky find since it's in great shape, came with the factory remote, AA sidecar, a working Lithium-ion battery, and the manual (which I need to scan for the Wiki)!

Chapter markers

00:00 - beginning 

0:33 - using the jog dial

2:34 - disassembly - bottom case

4:17 - disassembly - top lid

5:35 - cleaning - hair and lint cleaning

6:00 - lube

8:07 - reassembly - flex cable and top lid

9:41 - reassembly - bottom case

10:52 - testing

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