YouTube - MiniDisc - Sharp IM-DR80 - Cleaning Battery Contacts, Clean/Lube, and Writing via Web MiniDisc Pro (Test Build)

The Sharp IM-DR80 (late 2003) classy-looking NetMD-capable recorder that requires a dock for full-functionality. Recently, the great "asivery" updated the test build of Web MiniDisc Pro ( to support the NetMD functionality on these beautiful units. That includes the Kenwood DMC-S9NET as well! 

Previously, it would just crash/disconnect from Web MiniDisc Pro.

These don't have a display on the body, but they have a great remote that includes a record button and a higher-resolution screen that can display kanji characters.

This one came unconfirmed and wouldn't run on a gumstick. For $35 USD, I couldn't pass it up and I was glad to get another working IM-DR80 for my collection!

In this video, I also included some screenshots of working in Web MiniDisc Pro as I was testing recording.

This was a pretty straightforward cleanup so take a look if you have one, want one, or just want to see inside!

Remember, to use this Sharp IM-DR80 (or the Kenwood DMC-S9NET) with Web MiniDisc Pro, you must use the Testing build at the following URL:

Video Chapter markers

00:00 - beginning 

0:15 - looking at the dock connections

0:42 - looking at Kenwood's version the DMC-S9NET

1:06 - disassembly - lid

1:45 - disassembly - bottom case

3:44 - cleaning battery contacts w/vinegar then alcohol

4:25 - cleaning the internal negative terminals w/vinegar then alcohol

6:52 - lube

8:46 - reassembly - top lid

9:44 - reassembly - bottom case

10:41 - testing with disc

11:39 - docking and testing NetMD & Web MiniDisc Pro

13:32 - wiping a disc with Web MiniDisc Pro

14:26 - adding some tracks to the blank disc, recording

16:05 - writing and titling successful on dock display

16:29 - showing remote display