YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Kenwood DMC-S77

The Kenwood DMC-S77 (late 2003) is a fun, MDLP player with a unique light grid that flashes patterns when docked or playing. You can even control the lighting modes with the remote! It's the older sibling to my DMC-T77 which I love.

I found this one "unconfirmed" on Buyee for about $25 USD and it came with the remote and AA sidecar. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the dock, but it works with the other docks I had (without the clock).

I like working on these later-model Kenwood players since they're pretty easy to get in and out of. This one is still a bit bent, and it was really dirty inside, but it's back to working condition!

Check out the video for details!