YouTube - MiniDisc Repair - Sony MZ-R500 Eject Lever Spring

The Sony MZ-R500 (late 2001) is an MDLP-capable recorder powered by an AA battery. It's similar to many other models that were plastic and ran on AA batteries.

In this case, I received a model that worked fine, but wouldn't eject discs. When you pushed the eject button, the door would open, but the disc would just sit there instead of springing upwards/outwards. 

Luckily, the MZ-R700 uses the same disc eject mechanism, and I was able to take a spring from a junk model (featured in a previous video) and replace the one that was missing.

Please watch the video for the walkthrough, but the steps are below:

  1. Remove bottom casing
  2. Remove top lid
  3. Disconnect flex cable for top lid
  4. Unscrew board
  5. Gently lift board until you see the spring location (bottom right corner)
  6. Replace spring (one end onto the frame, one onto the moving arm)
  7. Reassemble