Storing Your MiniDisc Devices Safely!

Once you've accumulated a few (OK, more than a few) MiniDisc players and recorders, you'll want a way to keep them safe, organized, and dust-free.

I first started using clear, stackable shoeboxes from Amazon that could hold plenty of MD devices in each box, but it ended up unorganized and honestly a bit messy and chaotic. 

I had started with the fully-functional players on top, then the ones that needed a quick fix, down to the last tier which was pure junk.

Still, players were getting stacked on top of each other as I collected more and more. Sometimes they would even slip out as I opened the hinged door (clearly I have too many...).

I decided to look for some different solutions and after taking some measurements (including taking some to a nearby store - Micheal's), I settled on these!

These stackable boxes can hold two MD devices each (sometimes you just need to rotate them 90 degrees, depending on the design) and the remotes that go with them or even some AA sidecars.

Even if you have a large player like the Sharp MD-MS200 (or similar Kenwood models), you can fit it and 4x 18650 batteries!

Now I can stack them and keep them sorted nicely without ever worrying about players sliding and falling out of the boxes or a big tangled mess of remote control wires!

You can get them on Amazon or if you want to dig, AliExpress. The price for the 6 pack is just about the same on Amazon and you can get them fast.

As usual, Amazon links help me out, but I wouldn't list anything that I'm not using!