Review - HP M27h FHD monitor with AMD FreeSync

HP M27h FHD 27" monitor with AMD Freesync - I received this from Best Buy's Tech Insider network to test and review.

If you're in the market for a thin, adjustable FHD monitor with some eye care features, take a look at this HP M27h.


Unboxing and setup is easy. The box is well protected on all sides, so the monitor was perfect when it arrived. 

If you're like me, sometimes you toss the Quick Start/Instructions aside so you can just get to it. Well, that still works for this, but the setup is a bit different than other VESA mount monitors (so if you need a VESA-mount compatible monitor, this isn't it!), so it might be worth checking out the 2-3 steps in the Quick Start. First, you'll want to find the short adjustable arm and slide that into the groove into the back of the monitor. Tighten the thumscrew, then attach the base to the arm and tighten two more thumbscrews. Once that's done, stand up the monitor! 

The monitor is impressively thin and light and will be easy to move around if you need to.

Checking out the back panel, you can see there are two HDMI inputs, a VGA (REALLY!) input, and power. The power button and other adjustment buttons are under the bottom right edge if you're facing the monitor.

Plug in the tiny (25w) power supply and an included HDMI cable, and you're all set!


I tested this on a PC and Chromebox and both were as plug and play as you'd expect. Adjusting the height and angle are easy. I just carefully use a hand at the top and bottom edge to adjust the angle, and height is fairly easy to do one-handed if you go around the side and push/pull the support arm. The nearly edgeless display really looks good on a desk.

Pushing the buttons under the front edge will bring up an On-Screen Display (OSD) where you can configure various things like brightness and color adjustments.

They claim this monitor is 99% sRGB which is great for most people, though professionals may need a strong Adobe RGB rating. I compared this to my Wacom 16 Pro display/tablet and colors were very close but a bit more washed out on the HP M27h. I think that's perfectly acceptable at this price point. I think the monitor at 300 nits was bright enough in a sunlit room (not even at max) and the anti-glare screen definitely helped with overhead lights and the sun coming from a window behind me.

Yes, it's a Full HD monitor (1920x1080 @ 60-75Hz) in an age of 4k and 5k monitors, but sometimes that's all you need. For example, if you're duplicating your laptop display and it's FHD, then you'll get a pixel-perfect match. Also, some just like the size of text and other elements on a large, 1080p screen. I included a picture of the visible pixels on an Amazon page so you can judge. Personally, I think the 1080p resolution is a bit low for a 27" screen, but that's me. I prefer at least QHD (2650x1440) at this size and even used a 4k 27" for years at work.

Unfortunately, I did not have an AMD Freesync compatible GPU to test this, so I can't vouch for that feature. There are built-in eye care features like low blue light that should be good for working longer without eye fatigue. I can't tell you if this made a specific difference while I was testing it, but it didn't cause me any eye strain or fatigue either.

There are no speakers, so factor that into your purchasing decision. Personally, I don't want to ever rely on built-in monitor speakers, but having them is a "nice to have" if you have nothing else.


I think this is a great, slim/sleek-looking monitor for those that like 1080p resolution in a 27" size. 

The color reproduction is good and I love the adjustability. It's nice-looking enough to sit in an office that might be in the middle of the house.

There is a TON of competition in the 27" monitor space, so shop around, think about the specs that are important to you (FHD? QHD? 4K? Speakers? VESA? Gaming - higher Hz?) and see if this fits the bill.